• Join many of the leading players in the sector at Annual UK Resi Investment Event...
  • Hear from Senior Panellists and the Investors themselves...
  • This event is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

Events Diary

Resi Conference Agenda & Timetable

The conference takes place on Wednesday 28th November 2018 at ETC Venues - St Pauls, London. 

The 2018 National Residential Investment Conference returns for a 8th Year and has been completely updated to reflect the current market, with presentations from some of the most respected figures in the sector.

Last year this event sold out several weeks in advance so please book early to guarantee your attendance. Bookings are strictly first come, first served.

We’re expecting this to be very popular as always, and it’s a chance to be completely updated on the market, cross off some CPD, and network with the leading players in the Resi Investment Sector. It should be a very worthwhile day.

The Event will look at maximising opportunities in a Resi sector that is now seeing institutional and international investment. Hear about some new innovations and opportunities, understand how developers and investors can structure deals, look at joint ventures with public land, and learn about the future of the Resi Investment Market across the UK. There will also be a detailed market update, looking at fundamental economics & Brexit and where Resi fits as a Property asset class both within the UK & Internationally. The panel will also review current investment, looking who is involved and how the market is therefore evolving, as well as examining in detail how to design, deliver & manage a successful Build to Rent & PRS operation.

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Resi Investment 2018
ETC Venues St. Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD

Conference Timetable


9.30am – Morning Session (Includes Networking Coffee Break)

  • Chairman’s Welcome and Introduction
  • The current state of UK Residential Investment market
  • Investment into the Residential Sector – looking at what has actually happened
  • Looking at the Official Government Statistics – how might they support Residential Investment in the UK?
  • What do the statistics tell us and how could they be improved?
  • What can we learn about rent levels across the UK?
  • How can the market reach a point where there are accurate and reliable rent statistics so investors can make an informed decision?
    Looking at the Private Rented Sector & Build to Rent in Context
  • How much of the Private Rented Sector is now new Build to Rent and what is coming in the next few years?
  • How much private wealth is invested into Residential Property and how will this be affected by more institutional investment?
  • What has been driving growth in the Buy to Let sector and will this continue given recent legislative changes?
  • Putting National Rents and Values into context – what does it mean for investment prospects?
  • Where are the regional hotspots for investment opportunities and how does the proposition look?
  • How do the yields and rents compare geographically?
  • In which markets around the Country is there really a strong opportunity for PRS to work?
  • Looking in more detail at the product and the target market
  • Who is the PRS sector really targeting and how big is this market? Understanding the Demographics
  • What are the different products available, how will these evolve, and what are the exit routes for investors?
  • When will we have a standardised valuation and how will this make investment decisions more informed?
    Who is really investing in PRS in the UK – What deals are being done and where are they coming from?
    How can the scale of investment be increased?
  • The Private Rented Sector – where does the sector now fit in with the overall housing & Residential Investment markets and how has this evolved from 10 years ago?
  • Where might we be in another ten years?
  • What is the aim of the Independent Review & how will in feed into meaningful Government Policy Changes & Intervention?
  • What are the key elements of the Study & what can be achieved?
  • Panel Session on Making Residential Investment Work
  • How do we speed up Capital Raising & Development in the PRS & Build to Rent Sector?
  • How do institutions decide their investment policy and what do they take particular interest in?
  • The different ways institutions choose to gain exposure to Residential
  • How do those advising the institutional money and pension funds see the market?
  • Where is the money being invested coming from and how much more is there to come?
  • What are investors looking for in terms of product, location and operation?
  • Where are the opportunity areas and are they urban or suburban?
  • Comparing attitudes of the institutions to Resi in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.
  • What institutional involvement opportunities might there be in this market?
  • Looking Around the UK & the Regions
  • How can public sector land be released for Residential Investment and PRS?
  • What structures may work for this and how are these being set up?
  • Local authorities delivering their own private housing companies, why they are doing it & where it fits in the market
  • Understanding the Policies of the New London Mayor when it comes to Residential Investment & PRS
  • What do investors & Developers need to know and how will things really work in Practice?
  • What land and joint venture opportunities are there with the GLA and Local Authorities in London?


1.15pm - Networking Lunch Session

2.15pm – Afternoon Conference Session

  • How will the market grow over the next 5 – 10 years and where are the big growth areas?
  • What is it that we really need to deliver and how can it be done?
  • Where is the Future balance between Build for Sale and Build for Rent?
  • Will Developers and housebuilders look to do more Build for Rent?
  • How does the developer see the PRS market and how are they looking for joint ventures?
  • Partnership between developers & investors to create large scale regeneration & PRS – what can be achieved?
  • How do we deliver the scale that is necessary to establish a strong future PRS market?
  • Where are JV opportunities?
  • What are the opportunities provided by Public Sector Joint ventures in Build to Rent?
  • The role that Housing Associations have to play in the evolution of the Residential Investment
  • How good are HAs at management?
  • Where are the investment opportunities?
  • What are they looking for when working with Joint Venture Partners?
  • Understanding the key elements of Planning in Residential Development – what to Investors & Developers need to be aware of and where are the opportunities from the current changes?
  • Where does PRS fit into the overall planning system and is it time that PRS has it’s own useclass?
  • Delivery – what do we need to deliver for effective PRS?
  • What should we be designing & how should we be delivering it?
  • How can you make the Asset work & what do you need to design?
  • What guidelines should be used when designing a PRS scheme?
  • What methods of constructions are emerging and how important are these for PRS?
  • Where do evolving constructions methods now fit in the overall delivery picture?
  • Logistics & Management - What is required to make large scale PRS actually work in the UK?
  • What are the crucial priorities from Day One in order to deliver the best possible scheme & operation?
  • The key principles of block management to provide top level service and strong investment returns
  • How can voids, maintenance, management and lettings costs be factored in?
  • Achieving premium pricing and how a professionally managed service can win customers
  • How realistic is additional income from extra services and how can it be achieved in the UK?
  • What experience can be transferred from a US operation?

4.30pm – Close and Networking Drinks for Speakers & Attendees


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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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